Vehicle servicing

  • We service buses, trucks, semi-trailers and trailers
  • We are an authorised service station for NEOPLAN and KAROSA buses
  • We are an authorised service station for MAN, NEOPLAN, IVECO and SOR
  • We have our own facilities with a warehouse and trained employees

Vehicle servicing

Authorised servicing of trucks and buses

Over many years our company has spared no effort to ensure our vehicles operate without a glitch. We achieve this with the help of the professional and highly experienced technicians of our service and repair centre.

We service not only our own vehicles, but also those of customers in our new workshop with essential state-of-the-art equipment.

Provided services

  • Authorised servicing of KAROSA buses
  • Authorised servicing of NEOPLAN buses
  • Authorised servicing of ŠKODA and LIAZ trucks
  • Authorised servicing of WEBASTO (independent heating + air conditioning)
  • Official certification of KIENZLE and VEEDER-ROOT tachographs
  • Comprehensive preparation of vehicles for state technical inspections, and carrying out follow-up inspections
  • All body work
  • Repairs of vehicles even after serious traffic accidents
  • Ordinary repairs of semi-trailers and trailers of all makes
  • Emissions measurement of diesel and petrol engines, CNG and LPG vehicles

Storage of spare parts

To make sure the service centre is as reliable as a Swiss watch, we also operate a shop and warehouse. When it comes to spare parts, we cooperate with reputable companies both at home and abroad.

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