Filling stations in Tišnov

  • Filling station next to the PENNY market
  • Unstaffed filling station on the premises of ČSAD Tišnov

Aktuální ceny pohonných hmot od 16. 7. 2024

36,30 Kč/l
natural 95
37,90 Kč/l
34,90 Kč/l
19,90 Kč/l

Filling stations in Tišnov

Filling station next to the PENNY market

Business hours

Mon to Fri 6 – 22 h
Sat to Sun 7 – 22 h

Address: Cáhlovská 1848, 666 01 Tišnov


  • Refuelling (diesel, petrol, CNG, AdBlue).
  • Car wash
  • Brush washing (3 programs).
  • Manual washing (pressure water, shampoo).
  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Compressor tyre inflator.
  • Shop.
  • Light refreshment.

Payment options

  • Cash.
  • CCS card.
  • Billing cards of contractual partners.
  • Bank cards (MAESTRO, VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, Diners Club and American Express).

Individual discounts are granted to customers buying a large volume of fuel. Option of cashless purchase using a billing card (discount under the payment terms and conditions).

Save with a discount Bonus Card when paying in cash

  • Discount of 0.50 CZK/l of fuel
  • 10% discount for the use of the washing facilities, manual washing and vacuum cleaner

These discounts only apply to cash payments.

Filling station on the premises of ČSAD Tišnov

Business hours

Mon to Sun 0 – 24 h card payment – unstaffed
Mon to Fri 6 – 15 h cash payment – staffed

Address: Červený mlýn 1538, 666 01 Tišnov


  • Sale of diesel, oils and lubricants.
  • CNG is sold at the modernized filling station located on the premises of the company.
  • In addition, you may buy AdBlue.
  • Our fuels, oils and lubricants are purchased from verified suppliers.

Unstaffed filling station

Purchase of fuels and payment by the chip cards used by all vehicles of our company as well as the vehicles of customers who buy fuels from us under a contract and are given a customer discount. So you may refuel at any time and pay easily by a card without any contact with the staff as in other filling stations.

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