International and national transport

  • Reliable truck transport using 43 MAN and VOLVO trucks
  • Transported cargo is insured for up to 10 million CZK
  • We offer to transport hazardous items and substances under ADR regulations
  • We have well-trained Czech drivers with long experience

International and national transport

About the transport

We transport your goods all over Europe. We can transport hazardous substances, such as inflammables and explosives, under ADR regulations using MAN and VOLVO trucks. Subject to available truck capacity, we are able to transport all sizes and types of cargo. Due to the emission classes EURO 5, EEV and EURO 6, our tractors meet all the technical and environmental requirements necessary for freight transport to the countries of Central, Southern and Western Europe.

At home and abroad we also cooperate with other partners and forwarding companies to ensure that we transport everything on time, according to your requirements and wishes. We also accept full liability for our services, so all the cargo we transport is insured for up to 10 million CZK to cover its damage, theft or destruction. But there is no need to worry, our drivers are careful and responsible.


At present our international and national fleet consists of 42 VOLVO and MAN trucks with SCHMITZ CARGOBULL and PANAV semi-trailers.

All vehicles meet all the requirements for equipment to transport goods and materials in EU countries.

List of vehicles

VOLVO tractor 2 pcs
MAN tractor 40 pcs
SCHMITZ CARGOBULL semi-trailer 42 pcs
PANAV semi-trailer 1 pc

Technical specification of vehicles

Cargo volume 90-100 m3/34 euro-pallets
Internal height 3 m
Usable width 2.5 m

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