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About us

General information

Company name:ČSAD Tišnov, spol. s r. o.
Registered office: 
Červený mlýn 1538, 666 01 Tišnov
19 June 1992
Registered number: 46905952
VAT number: CZ46905952

Company history

The company’s history stretches back to 1949, when the national enterprise ČSAD národní podnik was formed. ČSAD Tišnov served as an operating centre for the branches ČSAD Brno and ČSAD Rosice for decades (until 1 April 1990). On 1 January 1991, ČSAD Tišnov became an autonomous state enterprise.

It remained in this form until 1 April 1994, when it was privatized as the limited liability company ČSAD Tišnov spol. s r.o. As it navigated its way through this period of major upheaval, the company had to establish its presence under the new conditions, which frequently culminated in internal restructuring and additional services. We offer our customers an extremely wide range of services. Our core businesses are bus and coach travel, freight transport and travel agency services.

Generally speaking, we place a great emphasis on

  • Ensuring the quality and reliability of services rendered
  • Cultivating a forward-looking trend in the development of different areas of operation
  • Increasing the economic prosperity and stability of the company
  • Maintaining employment
  • Optimizing capital and non-capital expenditure in the current year
  • Developing other areas of activity (servicing, trade, forwarding)
  • Steadily replacing motor vehicles
  • Contracting work
  • Tracking market developments and requirements in the carriage of goods
  • Providing regular suburban services in the Czech Republic 
  • Operating regular international transport services
  • Repairs and servicing of our own vehicles, and operating an authorized NEOPLAN service centre
  • Improving the quality of our information network
  • Ensuring the direct personal involvement
    • of senior staff in the sound results of financial management
    • of drivers in the financial results generated by vehicles
  • Promoting and developing cost-effectiveness
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